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Setting The Record Straight: 5 Prominent Laser Hair Therapy Myths

Laser hair therapy is a relatively new treatment option for both men and women who suffer from the destructive effects of hair loss. However, like many other new technologies, laser therapy is often misunderstood, leading many to spread false information. Information is published and spread[...]

By Invisions Hair | November 10, 2016 | Categories: Hair Therapy Myths, | 0 Comments

Presidential Looks: A Hair History Of The USA

Politicians use everything within their grasp in an attempt to display their values, personalities, and intentions to a public desperate to size them up in sound bites. Simply, there isn't one aspect of their appearance that they can afford to leave to chance, even for just one day.


By Invisions Hair | November 07, 2016 | Categories: Celebrity Hair | 0 Comments

When Is The Best Time To Start A Hair Loss Treatment Program?

Legions of men and women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss, yet it's not always easy to decipher when it's time to opt for hair restoration. 

According to Statistic Brain, approximately 35 million U.S. men and 21 million U.S. women experience hair loss; however, only 811,363 hair loss[...]

By Invisions Hair | November 04, 2016 | Categories: Hair Loss Solutions, | 0 Comments

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