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What Are The Most Common Questions Asked About Male Pattern Baldness?

Despite what you might think hair loss is common and so is male pattern baldness. However, knowing this type of hair loss is common isn't necessarily comforting. What might be comforting is the ability to learn more about this type of hair loss and what you can do about it. For more information[...]
By Invisions Hair | April 21, 2017 | Categories: Hair Loss Solutions, | 0 Comments

What Are the Common Factors That Trigger Baldness in Men? (Infographic)

Have you ever seen someone with a perfect hair style and wondered how to emulate it, only to realize that your hair is not as thick or full to even begin copying the style? If so, you’re not alone. Many times when this occurs, it’s hard not to wonder, “am I losing too much hair, is this a[...]

By Invisions Hair | April 19, 2017 | Categories: Hair Loss Causes | 0 Comments

7 Lifestyle Habits That Contribute to Hair Loss

Have you noticed your hair is thinning? Hair loss is common and affects everyone differently but maybe you didn't know your hair loss was attributed to lifestyle habits. Everyday routines or even new lifestyle changes can be the reason for you hair loss. To make a change and restore your hair,[...]

By Invisions Hair | April 17, 2017 | Categories: Hair Loss Causes | 0 Comments

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