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What is Traction Alopecia?

When you hear of traction alopecia you probably think it’s a condition that affects women but you may be surprised to learn that it affects men as well. Let’s examine what traction alopecia is and what causes it.

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Teenage Hair Loss Causes

When you hear about hair loss you probably have an image pop into your head of a middle-aged man. It might surprise you that even teenagers can lose their hair. The cause of teen hair loss isn’t necessarily the same as it would be for adult men or women. Here are surprising causes of teenage[...]

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Stress & The Link To Hair Loss

What our mind can do is simply amazing but you may not realize the impact our mind can have on our body. When we get stressed it’s not uncommon for anxiety to have an impact on us in all sorts of ways. High levels of stress can affect your ability to sleep, think clearly, it may even be linked[...]

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